Please find all of the Ontario Long Term Care Association's statements related to the COVID-19 pandemic in our Media Centre. Be sure to read OLTCA's 2021 Budget Submission  to learn what changes and supports are needed to help protect residents and staff of long-term care homes from the ongoing pandemic.

The Ontario government has launched an independent commission to investigate spread within long-term care homes, how residents, staff and families were impacted, and the adequacy of measures taken by the province and other parties to prevent, isolate, and contain the spread. Please visit the Commission website for ongoing updates.

Are you a family member of a long-term care resident with questions or feedback? Please call the Ministry of Long-Term Care's family COVID-19 hotline, available 7 days a week. They can be reached at 1-866-434-0144.

Understanding long-term care

Click here to read the latest in our informational series, "Understanding long-term care," which provides a better understanding of key issues impacting long-term care across the province.

This is Long-Term Care report

This informative report provides evidence about the high quality of care in Ontario's long-term care homes, as well as key statistics about the resident population and how long-term care works. Read it here.

About the Ontario Long Term Care Association

The Ontario Long Term Care Association is the largest association of long-term care providers in Canada and the only association that represents the full mix of long-term care operators – private, not-for-profit, charitable, and municipal. OLTCA represents nearly 70% of Ontario’s 636 long-term care homes, located in communities across the province. Our members provide care and accommodation services to more than 70,000 residents annually.

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