Intro to CARF Network Accreditation for Ontario Health Teams

Complimentary Webinar:  Introduction to CARF Network Accreditation for Ontario Health Teams 

Tuesday, September 24, 2019
1:00–2:00 pm ET

CARF is providing this complimentary webinar to describe the relevance of our unique Network standards for prospective Ontario Health Teams. CARF’s Network accreditation process provides a framework of person-centred, international best-practice standards for Network entities, while allowing participating providers in the Network the freedom to choose their own recognized accreditation body, or remain unaccredited.

Attendees will receive an introductory look at CARF and our Network standards, and gain an understanding of the quality review process for network partners and the benefits of accreditation. The webinar is meant for staff from organizations participating in an Ontario Health Team application, related associations, and the government. 

Presenters: Cathy Rebella, Senior Resource Specialist, CARF International, and Jill Allison, Accreditation Advisor, CARF Canada

The webinar includes an overview of:
• Our field-driven, international consensus standards.
• The applicable standards for business and service delivery networks.
• Process for quality review of participating providers/contracted agencies.
• Fees and timeline for accreditation.
• What to expect during the consultative accreditation process.
• Specific value and outcomes of CARF accreditation

To register, email, or call (888) 281-6531, ex. 3013.