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Confessions of a Former Residents' Council Assistant webinar

Confessions of a (Former) Residents’ Council Assistant: The Good, the Bad, and Hindsight Reflections

Wednesday, September 12, Webinar
2:30-3:30 pm ET

Fulfilling the role of Residents’ Council Assistant (RCA) allows you to develop meaningful and mutually-rewarding relationships with residents. However, the RCA’s role and its responsibilities can present challenges. 

Join OARC’s newest team member, Melissa McVie (Education and Home Support) as she candidly shares some of her experiences as a former Residents’ Council Assistant (RCA) and opens up a dialogue on this important subject. Melissa will address: 

• Barriers to facilitating Residents’ Council meetings 
• How to ask for what you need 
• Identifying tools for success 
• Opportunities for collaboration 

OARC recognizes the value and importance of the Residents’ Council Assistant role – join us and fellow RCA’s for this informative webinar.

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